I live in a world of mirrors, And I am slowly taking them down. One by one. So that none shall be left. And I will – be.

All shapes and colours

Easter oblige, here’s a little reminder that we come in all the variety of human shades. And here are 4 sides of what I am. What are yours?

Spring ceramics

Ceramic vase made by yours truly last winter. Vase de porcelaine fait par mes soins cet hiver.

Spying on the little ones from behind the trees!

Coconut – butternut squash – celeriac purée, romanesco cauliflower, salad, nutmeg flavored coconut kefir. Purée courge musquée-celeri rave-noix de coco, chou romanesco, mâche, kéfir de coco à la noix de muscade.

Roof fixing

Because women and men can do anything (except men can’t have babies), so for the fun of it I fixed a roof.

Fromage de noix à tartiner

Samedi, lasse de mon régime courge-potimarron-salade, j’ai fait… Du fromage à tartiner… mmmhhh! ^-^ Comme ça : Y’a pas mal de trucs dedans. Des noix de cajou (trempées des heures et des heures), de l’ail, du gros sel de mer-miom, du jus de citron et du vinaigre de cidre maison, aux épices lui aussi. Je…

Corset 1890

Back in the days, I learnt how to make all types of costumes. That one is a 1890 corset tailor made for the fine lady wearing it.

Garbage magic

Sometimes I wander if there is any new art out there that can really touch me. And then that kind if thing happens : And don’t tell me it’s an old and renown painting, and there is no whay I am just discovering it. It’s not Hokusaï. It’s Chris Jordan’s wave, “Gyre”, part of his…


   Shibari session in Paris, June 2015. Pics by Aurélien S Photographe (check out his website!).

Sleeping bird

Naptime at a private festival, France, August 2015.