Trip to Japan

In the line of my recent work, all supporting my trip to Japan, I have … – Registered a company that allows me to go sell my notebooks and engravings on Christmass markets, called Mii Upcycling, after the little logo-mascot I sign all my creations with. – Set up the Etsy shop described in the…

Brand New Etsy Shop!

Ahoy mateys! You’ve been checking out my engravings for some time now, and Now the Time has Come! Now you can buy them if you’d like. Here is where the magic happens!!

Matter #72 – Hara

Ferns by a lake, Alsace, France. Fougères en bord de lac, Alsace, France.

Allistics “don’t” mean it (but they do).

My mom came to visit recently. The usual circus : we had a few tense days, trying to adjust to each other. We failed, as usual, and fought, as usual, then had an open heart conversation (OHC), as usual. I always thought we failed to adjust because we’re different, and we live so far apart, and see…


I recently realized that the past few years I had been trying too hard to mingle with people, with the result of loosing the sense of self, struggling to find a meaning to my life, and feeling like an utter, total, misfit. Plus, well, the failure of the Mission itself, of course. Why did I…

Matter #68 -Flower mush

Ink preparation for engraving, after bubblewrap. Préparation de l’encre à graver, après le passage du papier bulle.