Gaps diet : year 3

(Français sous la photo) 3 years ago I was in NZ, sick like a dog, in so much pain in the guts that I couldn’t imagine eating another bite ever again. Trapped in a body that wanted me dead, with no way out. And I started the Gaps diet (for autists : no dairy and…

Engraving portfolio

You can find all my engravings here. Cliquez ici pour mon book de gravures.

Model Portfolio

You can find all my pictures as a model on this link. Cliquez ici pour voir toutes mes photos de modèle.

Trip to Japan

In the line of my recent work, all supporting my trip to Japan, I have … – Registered a company that allows me to go sell my notebooks and engravings on Christmass markets, called Mii Upcycling, after the little logo-mascot I sign all my creations with. – Set up the Etsy shop described in the…